New Light Industrial - Projection in Port Adelaide

Illuminart is working in Port Adelaide to develop tourism and night time economy in the area, as part of their ongoing "New Light Industrial" program of events in the Port which has been supported by Arts SA. Our goal is to bring permanent projection in to the Port, and for people to think of Port Adelaide whenever people mention projection art.

We are very keen to have the input of Port Adelaide business, residents, schools, artists to help us plan and make the most of our next six months in the Port, and find out what you most want us to do.

Below are the proposed projects that we hope to fundraise and present, all with the aim of showcasing beautiful lighting art, architectural projection, and the arts and artists of Port Adelaide. We are keen to know what you think is most important and which events you would like to attend and support. This survey is to help us make decisions about our goals.

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* 1. Please tell us where you are based:

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* 2. Illuminart's been lighting up buildings in the Port Adelaide area since 2009. Are you aware of our work in the Port - what have you seen so far?

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* 3. Whats your opinion of the impact of the illumination and Projection art in the Port?

  Not sure I strongly disagree I disagree I neither agree nor disagree I agree I strongly agree
It helps to bring people into the Port
It illuminates the buildings and river in an attractive way
It adds a new tourism activity into the area
It's bringing innovation into the Port
It's supporting local arts and culture
It's helping local business
It's bringing families out to the Port
It's helping people see the Port in a new way
It gives the locals a revived sense of the Port
It supports the Council's aims of revitalising the area
It's drawing attention to the Port's strengths
It's helping to build a new vision for the Port
It's attracting photographers to the area