2015 Winter Buying Show Survey

100% of survey complete.

* 1. Which of the following best describes your participation at the show?

* 2. Please rate your overall show experience.

* 3. What business need(s) influenced you to attend the Winter Buying Show?

* 4. My objectives were met at the Federated Foods Winter Buying Show.

* 6. Did you attend the General Session?

* 7. If not, why not?

* 8. I was satisfied with the General Session and the information presented.

* 9. What topics would you like to have discussed at future General Sessions?

* 10. Rate your overall satisfaction with your appointments. (For Gold, Platinum & Customer responders only)

* 11. I was able to meet with most of the customers on my choice sheet. (For Gold & Platinum suppliers only)

* 12. Did your company present show deals? (For Gold & Platinum suppliers only)

* 13. The new Platinum Supplier level offered additional value to me. (For Platinum suppliers & Customers only)

* 14. Please provide feedback on the new Platinum Supplier level and why it did or did not offer value.  (For Platinum suppliers & Customers only)

* 15. How important do you feel the Gold Advantage Power Buys are to the show?

* 16. Did your company participate in the sponsorship opportunities?

* 17. If yes, how satisfied were you with the sponsorship package?

* 18. Would your company consider sponsorship opportunities for your next Federated Foods show?

* 19. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Supplier Showcase:

* 20. What are your thoughts on the timing of the Supplier Showcase?

* 21. Customers only: Are there specific suppliers you would like to see at the Supplier Showcase?  If yes, please indicate who you would like to see.

* 23. Overall, do you find the solutions Federated Group offers to be helpful in achieving your business objectives?  Please comment below.

* 24. Would it be better for your business to have the buying show in a different month?

* 25. How likely are you to attend the Summer Buying Show at The Drake in Chicago?

* 26. What would make you more likely to attend the Summer Buying Show?

* 27. Please provide suggestions for improving our future events.

* 28. Please complete the following:

* 29. Please let us know any other comments you have about this year's Winter Buying Show. 

Thank you for participating in this survey! Your responses are very important to us and we will use your input as we plan future Federated shows.