Tell us what actions you think would achieve the following goals:

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* 1. Grow our Population & Economic Sustainability

In order to support the level of public service provision desired by citizens while keeping taxes from rising, the economic base and tax base must become deeper and wider. Part of this is population growth – particularly in keeping highly-educated, well-paid employees of the Federal facilities interested in being residents rather than commuters to surrounding communities.
The economy needs to be secured by diversifying. Oak Ridge has a strong economy but it is dramatically impacted by Federal policy and budget decisions made in Washington, DC. Diversification would make it more stable, and new business that grows out of creativity and innovation would be consistent with the history of Oak Ridge.

What actions would support economic stability in Oak Ridge?

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* 2. Enhance our Image/Quality of Place

Clarity about what makes us ‘uniquely Oak Ridge,’ coupled with better physical definition of a city embedded in a huge Federal forest, can help fuel growth of population and the economy. We need to increase efforts to provide high-quality amenities, entertainment, arts and cultural opportunities, and other ‘place-making’ activities to attract visitors and make Oak Ridge a more attractive place to live. Likewise, better definition of our city, its entrances, districts and landmarks, will help to enhance our image.

What actions would enhance the quality and image of Oak Ridge?

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* 3. Improve Connectivity and Mobility

We heard, loud and clear, at almost every public gathering, that Oak Ridgers want more and better sidewalks, additional trails, and safer roads for pedestrians and bicyclists.   Additionally, the size of many of the blocks in our city center require any redevelopment to be at a massive scale.   This makes it difficult for small, local businesses to attempt startups or expansions.  Better connections, for vehicles, pedestrians and bikers, will improve quality of life as well as development potential.

What actions would improve how people get around in Oak Ridge?

Visit the Blueprint webpage to learn more about the overall Plan and to review the recommendations drafted so far.