As per a decision made by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) in 2006, all municipalities are mandated to complete a boundary review every eight years. Councils must conduct a study into the balance and fairness of the number and boundaries of polling districts and the number of Councillors before making an application to the NSUARB.

It is important to conduct a boundary review study every eight years because changes can occur in the polling districts, including the number of electors, relative parity of voting power, population density, communities of interest and geographic size. Influx of population can cause the parity of voting districts to fall out of the NSUARB guidelines.

One important element of the boundary review study is public consultation. Allowing the public the opportunity to provide its valuable input is a key component of the decision-making process leading to the final application by the Municipality.

This survey strives to provide this opportunity to the community. Future engagement opportunities will also be advertised throughout this process.