Dear Audience Members,

Thank you so much for attending A Finished Heart and I greatly appreciate your completing this survey. There are ten questions. Please feel free to choose the ones that are most meaningful to you.

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All best,
Eliott Cherry

* 1. What thoughts and feelings came up for you as you experienced A Finished Heart?

* 2. What did you find most valuable in experiencing the performance?

* 3. What surprised you about your own reaction to the piece?

* 4. What was most striking about the post-show discussion?

* 5. How was your experience of A Finished Heart different from attending other types of theater? What term would you use to best describe this event (play, spoken word, monodrama, one-man show, dramatic performance, storytelling, other suggestions)?

* 6. What would A Finished Heart give that would be important for colleagues, students or employees in your professional life? (Please indicate your profession, if you are comfortable doing so.)

* 7. What made you decide to attend? Where and which date was this particular performance? How did you hear about it? When did you first learn about A Finished Heart?

* 8. What would you say to encourage someone to attend a performance?

* 9. What would you say to decision-makers at a venue to convince them to book a performance?

* 10. And finally, what single word or expression comes to mind that reflects the spirit of A Finished Heart? Please add any other comments that you would like to make.

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