* 1. What is your gender and age?

* 2. Do you think that having manners is important? Why?

* 3. Do you think showing manners has an effect on others?

* 4. What do you do to help others?

* 5. Do you have respect for other people?

* 6. What do you do to show manners to other people?

* 7. Would you rather take your time to help someone or to not?

* 8. On a scale of 1-5 how much do you think your peers respect you?

  They don't respect you Have little respect Kind of respect you Have respect Have a high respect

* 9. Ona scale of 1-5 how are your manners?

  You don't show any manners Have little manners Showing manners Have manners Show a lot of manners

* 10. If you saw someone in need of help would you...