* 1. Please provide the following information:

* 2. Position within organization?

* 3. Organization Website

* 4. Year Founded

* 5. Organization Mission

* 7. Select the option that best describes your organization

* 8. Annual Budget of your institute in USD

* 10. Briefly list the major programs and activities of your organization

* 11. Please provide 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses of your organization

* 12. In 5 years, How do you see your organization making an impact in your country or region? What steps does your institute plan to take in order to accomplish that vision?

* 13. What are your long term professional goals? How long do you plan to stay with your organization?

* 14. Please list any Atlas programs or events you have participated in, if possible, include month/year.

* 15. Please discuss how your current position adds value to your organization's mission.

* 16. What skills and experience will you bring to the Think Tank MBA program?

* 17. As part of the Think Tank MBA you will create a detailed strategic plan. How will this benefit you and your organization?