It’s been about 2 years since Hepburn Wholefoods Collective (HWC) last surveyed our members and things have changed considerably in this time. Our membership base has increased to over 100 people and our volunteer base has also increased with many new and eager people choosing to help out in the organisation.

This survey will be discussed in detail in our steering group and results will also be shared with members via email. Answers will help us decide which direction to take things in the next two years and will inform our upcoming strategic plan.

We greatly appreciate your honest feedback and comments.

* 1. Over the past year or so HWC has been on the lookout for premises that would better suit our needs - more open plan space for mingling and movement, better parking and street access, more shelf space and room for product backups.

Having not found anything affordable or suitable so far we have also done some work rearranging the shop to make the space work more efficiently.

Do you believe the current HWC shop premises meets the needs of our collective?

* 2. Would you prefer HWC to find much improved premises if it means we need to charge more for membership and products, or would you prefer HWC to remain at the current premises and retain current membership fees / product margins?

* 3. Under what conditions would you shop more at HWC? Choose any that apply

* 4. Are you aware there is free membership for volunteers?

* 5. Would free membership make you more likely to volunteer in the future? Or would other incentives?

* 6. HWC was created so that our community could have a place to buy well priced bulk wholefoods that are organic, direct from farmers and as local as possible. These basic principles steer us when choosing our product range.

Please rank these principles in order of priority for you with 1 being the highest priority.

* 7. Would you be in favour of increasing our product range if it means we would need to go through distributors rather than direct from producers?

* 8. Would you like HWC to stock meat products (local, organic, vacuum packed) and / or dairy products such as milk, cream and cheese (Victorian, organic, plastic packed)?

* 9. Please comment on any products you wish HWC to stock.

* 10. Any further comments on the above questions, or on HWC in general?