1. A little about you...

Our new cafe name has been chosen by you, it's customers. It will be the Hill Station. Thanks to all who participated.

It is useful for us to know what kind of people are interested in our project... please share a few details about yourself.

* 1. Meanwhile we still want to collect more info about our potential users and their views. We will soon be putting our planned menu on our blog so you can comment on it.

Please leave your email address and answer a few quick questions so we know something about you.

* 2. Gender?

* 3. Which of these best describes your lifestage?

* 4. How close do you live to the proposed cafe (which will be underneath the "Cafe Orange" by St Catherine's Church and near Aske's upper site).

* 5. And before you go, can you give us an indication of how you might use the cafe once it opens? Just tick the boxes...

  Agree Disagree Don't know
I'll be living there!
I'll pop in for lunch or a cup of coffee a couple of times a week
I'll have a sandwich there when need a break from working at home
I'm very unlikely to ever go there
I'll go when there's something special - music or art or a learning event
I might pop in say once a month
I'll pop in now and then to buy milk and bread
I'll go there at weekends with the kids

* 6. Thank you for your participation. If there's anything you'd like us to know please enter your comment here...
The Bold Vision Team