1. NICE Skateboards - Skateboarding Survey

This survey was created provide customer-centric information for the start up of a new skateboarding company in State College. Thank you for your time!

* 1. Please specify the following information.

* 2. When buying a skateboard, what is the most important characteristic which will impact your purchasing decision?

  Not Important At All Doesnt Matter Much Important Extremely Important
Size (width)

* 3. What type of skateboard graphics would be most appealing to you?

  Not Appealing At All Doesnt Matter Much Extremely Appealing
Original Artwork (Artist)
Personal Artwork (Yourself)
Company Logos (ex. PSSC Collaborations)

* 4. When it comes down to graphics and price would you prefer?

* 5. Where do you purchase skateboard decks now? Mark all the places you have purchased from.

* 6. What price do you currently pay for a skateboard deck?

* 7. How often do you buy a new skateboard deck?

* 8. Would you pay extra for a custom deck with your own personal artwork on it?