Mount Hotham Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey 2017

In order to gather feedback about the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board's strengths and weaknesses in its key service areas, MHARMB has developed an annual survey for its stakeholders and ratepayers.

This year's survey focuses on our communications and infrastructure delivery.
The legislated functions of the Board include:
  • ¬†Planning for the development, promotion, management and use of Mount Hotham;
  • To undertake research in to alpine resort issues;
  • To prepare and implement a Strategic Management Plan for Mount Hotham;
  • To attract investment for the improvement of Mount Hotham
  • To act as a committee of management of any Crown land deemed to be permanently reserved in the Resort;
  • To develop a tourism and marketing strategy and to collect and expend voluntary contributions for this purpose;
  • To provide services in the nature of:
    • garbage disposal;
    • water supply;
    • gas;
    • drainage;
    • sewerage;
    • electricity;
    • roads;
    • fire protection;
    • snowmaking;
    • transport- for Mount Hotham and to charge contribution for the provision of those services; and
  • to collect fees prescribed by the regulations.
This survey will ask 23 optional questions, and all responses will be treated anonymously and confidentially. The survey should take approximately ten minutes to complete, and will be used to inform staging and prioritization of our activities.

If you have any questions, or would like to contribute further, please do not hesitate to contact us at