The Inclusiveness@Work Awards, presented by the Center for Legal Inclusiveness, aims to recognize those organizations and individuals who are advancing diversity and creating cultures of inclusion in our workplaces and community. Each year this award is presented at the annual Ball for All gala. The gala will be held on February 29, 2020 at the McNichols Civic Center Building, Denver, CO.
• Business/Corporation
• Individual
• Law Firm/Legal Department
• Nonprofit/Government Agency/Community Organization
• Young Professional

Please complete this online application, which includes an essay (approximately 500 words or less) addressing the nominee’s efforts in advancing diversity and creating a culture of inclusiveness. Self-nominations are also accepted.
The award category qualifications/requirements are as follows:

•  Is proactive in advocating/creating change to make an environment more diverse and inclusive.

Organization (Law Firm/Legal Department, non-legal Business/Corporation, Nonprofit/Government Agency):
•  Works towards leveraging the strengths and talent of every member in their organization
•  Incorporates management practices to allow for effective allocation of responsibility, accountability for results, and
   equal access to opportunities
•  Includes personnel practices which are transparent and fair, and addresses/eliminates unintended and/or historic bias,
   which help to create an inclusive environment
•  Collaborates/partners with outside organizations to help make the community more inclusive

Young Professional:
•  An individual who is under the age of forty (40), has practiced for less than ten (10) years, or is a student.
•  Is proactive in advocating/creating the change to make an environment more diverse and inclusive.

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