Hypnobirthing survey

Hi I have completed a diploma with KGHypnobirthing I would love to find out more about your thoughts and experience of hypnobirthing. Thankyou so much for your support, your answers are valued. If you would like further information on KGHypnobirthing courses available near you please leave your contact details at the end of the survey and I can be in touch. My courses will be in South Birmingham.

* 1. Are you pregnant?

* 2. Have you got children?

* 3. What do you know about hypnobirthing? Please state any positives and negatives.

* 4. What would be your aim from a hypnobirthing course? Please tick all that apply to you.

* 5. Would you feel more confident in a hypnobirthing course if it included these elements? Please tick all that apply.

* 6. Which would you prefer?

* 7. A comprehensive 12 hour hypnobirthing course can be delivered in a variety of formats to suit. Which of these would you prefer?

* 8. Considering your response to the previous question regarding course format, what budget would you be willing to pay for a comprehensive hypnobirthing course? (Per couple)

* 9. What distance would you be willing to travel for a qualified hypnobirthing teacher?

* 10. Please write your names, postcode and email address if you would like further information on local hypnobirthing teachers.