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* 1. What is your student status?

* 2. What type of student are you?

* 3. Are you a full-time or part-time student?

* 4. What is your faculty?

* 5. How much do you pay for tuition per semester ($CAD)?

* 6. Do you believe that you pay too much for your education?

* 7. How much do you earn and/or are granted/awarded per year on average?

* 8. Do you believe that a university education should:

* 9. Do you believe that your tuition fees should be differentiated by program (eg. Students in professional programs like dentistry or business administration pay more for their education than a student in the arts because of expected salaries.)?

* 10. How much student debt do you expect to have when you graduate?

* 11. Did you know that the provincial government is raising Quebec tuition fees by $1625 over the next 5 years ($325/year) starting in September 2012?

* 12. Do you agree with the $1625 increase in tuition fees?

* 13. Where do you get most of your information about tuition fees?

* 14. Do you know what ancillary fees are?

* 15. Do you know the Post-Graduate Students' Society (PGSS) policy on tuition fees?

* 16. Do you think the PGSS should work toward lowering tuition fees?

* 17. Do you support the PGSS three-day strike voted by members at the March 7th Annual General Meeting?

* 18. Are you planning on attending (or did you attend) the demonstration on March 22nd, starting at Roddick Gates at noon?

* 19. Please leave any comment or question you may have.

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