* 1. What do you feel are the most important issues regarding US 19?  Rate the choices below as follows:
(1) Very important; (2) Important; (3) Not important; (4) no opinion

  1 2 3 4
Safer accommodations for pedestrians and bicyclists
Traffic congestion/delays
Need for more roadway capacity
Impact of overpasses on businesses and residents along the corridor
Motorist behavior (e.g., speeding, red light running, aggressive driving, etc.)
Need for improved transit service
Access to businesses and other uses along the corridor
Need for mixed use development (e.g., residential/office or residential/commercial)
Need for areas that provide higher wage employment

* 2. What types of improvements/strategies should be prioritized on the US 19 corridor?  Rate the choices below as follows:
(1) Very important; (2) Important; (3) Not important; (4) no opinion

  1 2 3 4
Overpasses and interchanges
Better enforcement of traffic laws
More frequent/expedited bus service
Bus shelter amenities (e.g., covered benches, bike racks, etc.)
Pedestrian overpasses
At-grade pedestrian safety improvements at intersections (e.g., no right turn on red signs, raised crosswalks, extending curbs into the intersection, etc.)
Pedestrian connections between bus stops and frontage sidewalks
A walkable environment along the corridor (e.g., shorter distances between building entrances and frontage sidewalk, shade canopy along sidewalks and in parking areas, walkways between properties)
Designated bicycle facilities
Multi-use trail facilities using streets and/or easements that run parallel with the corridor
Encouragement of mixed use development
Higher density and/or mixed use developments placed near intersections and interchanges
Encouragement of development that provides for higher wage employment
Improved design/appearance of land uses along the corridor

* 3. Please provide any additional comments you have regarding land use or transportation issues associated with US 19.

* 4. Do you live, work or attend school along US 19?

* 5. What is your zip code?

* 6. Which section of US 19 are you most concerned with? (You may choose more than one)