1. Welcome!

We appreciate your taking the time to complete this 7-question survey. We post your answers on our HF Student Blog under "Alumni Profile: Where are you now". Our current and prospective students, who are undoubtedly very interested in this information, thank you, as well.

* 1. This is a multifaceted but easy question:

What is your name, hometown -- and for your undergraduate college -- major/minor, and year of graduation?
Who was your mentor here?

* 2. What do you miss most about the Summer Research Program?

* 3. What do you miss least about the Summer Research Program?

* 4. What about the Summer Research Program has stuck with you?

* 5. Have you stayed in touch with other Summer Program students?

* 6. How did your Summer Research experience support or change your school/career plans?

* 7. And the all-important question -- what are you up to now? What's coming up next?