1. Abstract Submission

Symposium Date: March 9, 2018
Time: 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday, February 9, 2018
Acceptance Notifications Sent via email: Friday, February 16, 2018
We encourage abstract submissions for research, service, and educational projects that are either Flint-focused or comparative (i.e. Flint compared to other cities).  The abstracts can focus on topics including health, the environment, infrastructure, and education, and can contain various levels of community engagement.  We are also looking for photovoice projects as a nontraditional method for showcasing work at a research conference.

Enter all of the information pertaining to the abstract. Additional authors can be listed later in the submission.

Multiple abstract submissions: If you are submitting more than one abstract please, submit a new survey.
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Questions regarding The HFRCC Research Symposium can be sent to HFRCC.Symposium@umich.edu.

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