If you're currently using ASIC Registry data, we would love to hear from you! Complete our short survey to help shape our approach to publicly available data. The survey will ask you eight questions about your ASIC data usage, such as how frequently you use ASIC data and what improvements you would like to see from us.

* 1. How frequently do you interact with our datasets?

* 2.  What is the primary method you use to interact with ASIC's Data.gov.au datasets?

* 3. Do you cross-reference any of ASIC's datasets against other datasets?

* 4. What type of improvements to ASIC's datasets would be of most value to you?

* 5. Would daily updates to ASIC datasets be of value to you?

* 6. What is your primary use of ASIC datasets? (E.g. compliance, research, developing products)

* 7. Is there any other suggestions or feedback you would like to provide to ASIC about our open data?

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