October 19-21, 2016

SLATE is announcing an open call for papers for the 14th Annual SLATE Conference, to be held October 19-21, 2016 at the NIU regional campus/conference center in Naperville, IL. The SLATE Conference is one of the premier educational technology conferences in the Midwest, known for offering a wide variety of topics ranging from best practices and pedagogy, to innovative teaching resources and cutting edge technologies. Speakers are encouraged to submit proposals whose general focus is the use of technology in teaching and learning regardless of the platform or tools being used. Proposals that extend beyond this framework will always be considered.

To learn more about the conference, including speaker guidelines, session formats, venue, registration, etc., click on the Conference header tab on the website and use the navigation links on the right side of the screen to access the desired information.

Submission deadline: June 30, 2016

* 1. Presenter Name:  (if this will be a panel discussion, list the main contact person first, followed by the panel members).

* 2. Email:

* 3. Institution/Organization:

* 4. Session Title: (this is what will appear in the conference program).

* 5. Session Description:

* 6. Session Format:

* 7. Preferred Day/Time:

* 8. Additional Comments or Special Requests:

Sessions are scheduled for 45-50 minutes. All of the session rooms will have the following standard AV setup: an LCD projector, screen, room speakers. A podium or table lectern. White board. Classroom style or nested U-shaped seating with capacity of 32-48. There is a computer in the room, but we encourage you to bring your own laptop. Wireless access is available.

Your submission has been recorded. If your paper is accepted, you will receive an email confirmation in about 4-6 weeks with additional information and further details.

Thank you for participating at this year's conference.