About the AHLA Safe Accommodation Promise (ASAP)

As the provider of health & safety information and resources for Alberta hotels, the AHLA (Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association) has developed the ASAP program to help hotels:
  1. Understand their responsibility to provide a safe environment for guests and staff, and what this entails.
  2. Provide assurance to guests and staff that their property is a safe place to stay or work.
This program saw great success in the 2021 year with participation from over 200 hotels in Alberta. We wish to invite all hotels in Alberta, including 2021 ASAP designates to apply for their 2022 designation. 

These standards have been prepared based on current Alberta legislation and public health guidance at the time of publication. They will be updated as new or additional information becomes available. The AHLA has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of information that has been provided.

New Hotel Designation Coming
While the AHLA will continue to grow and expand the ASAP program, our organization is currently working on an exciting new designation for hotels. This designation will challenge Alberta hotels to be a best in class provider in human resources, safety and risk management. Further updates on this program will be provided in the fall of 2022.

Only businesses classified under the Workers' Compensation Board industry code 87503 (Hotels & Convention Centres) are eligible for the ASAP designation.

Alberta hotels have a duty to:
  • Safe guard the workplace and implement safe work practices to minimize the risk of injury and transmission of infection,
  • Provide procedures for rapid response if an employee or guest develops symptoms of illness,
  • Ensure staff maintain high levels of sanitation and personal hygiene,
  • Comply with public health bylaws in their communities, and
  • Comply with current public health orders and guidelines.
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