My name is Alice Moore. I am a doctoral student at Saybrook University in California.  I am conducting a research study on trauma with leadership who work in the trauma field.  A study goal is to shed more light into the effects of primary trauma.  It is to look at its impact on leadership. It is also to identify self-help skills among leadership.  I am completing this research as part of my doctoral degree. I invite you to participate.


You are eligible to participate in this research if you:

1. Work in a leadership position directly supervising trauma workers, and/or oversees trauma work indirectly

2. Be at least 21 years old

3. Will list the type of trauma work you are involved

4. Have been doing current job for at least 3 years

5. Can easily use a computer as necessary

6. Is comfortable working on a computer

You are not eligible to participate in this research if you:

1.     Do not work in a leadership role directly supervising trauma workers, or indirectly overseeing trauma work

2.     The majority of your position is to work directly with the service population (e.g., therapist, first responder, health provider, crisis worker, police officer...)

3.     Are 20 years or younger

4.     Are not involved in trauma work

5.     Has worked less than 3 years in current trauma job

6.     No reliable access to a computer

7.     You are not comfortable on the computer

I hope to include 30 participants in this research.


There are minimal risks in this study.

To decrease the impact of these risks, you can skip any item in the survey, and/or stop your participation at any time, and/or refuse to answer any interview questions.  Contact any professional of your choosing who help you with any stress from being involved in the study.


 If you decide to participate, the potential direct benefits to you may be a better awareness about yourself. For instance, you may discover your own personal self-help skills.  Also you may gain more knowledge and understanding of primary trauma and its effects.

The potential benefits to others are the findings may bring help to others working in the trauma field.  For trauma survivors who seek assistance then the findings may help develop improved treatment systems.  The study findings may aid in sharing insight and theory to the general public about trauma. 

The information you provide will be kept confidential to the extent allowable by law.  Some steps I will take to keep your identity confidential are by providing an anonymous survey format that does not require you to disclose your name.

The people who will have access to your information are myself and/or, my dissertation chair, and/or my dissertation committee comprised in total of three committee members.

I will secure your information with these steps: 1) the aggregate summary data will not have any personal identifiers and will be stored in a locked filing cabinet in a locked office. The electronic participant data will be locked on my computer files through password access only.

I will keep your data for 7 years. Then, I will delete electronic data and destroy paper data.

Contact Information:

If you have questions for me, you can contact me at: or by phone at (707)391-1607.

My dissertation chair’s name is Marie DiCowden. She works at Saybrook University and is supervising me on the research.  You can contact her at: or by phone at (305)610-5148.

The study was approved by the Saybrook Institutional Review Board.  Contact: or 510-593-2935 for any questions about your rights in they study, or, if a problem has occurred, or if you are injured during participation.
Voluntary Participation:

Your participation is voluntary.  If you decide not to participate, or if you stop participation after you start, there will be no penalty to you.  You will not lose any benefit to which you are otherwise entitled.

* 1. Electronic Signature

Additional Costs: 

There are no anticipated financial costs to you.

New Findings:

Sometimes during a study we learn new information.  This information may come from our research or from other researchers.  If new information might relate to your willingness to participate, I will provide the information at: to give you that information as soon as possible.

Also for those who are interested in participating or reading about future studies of mine, please check at:  Thank you!
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