* 1. What is your age and gender?

* 2. Have you ever trained a dog to hunt migratory birds?

* 3. Training migratory birds dogs to retrieve live or wounded birds is important to me as a dog trainer.

* 4. How much do you approximately spend on training dogs to retrieve migratory birds?

* 5. I am interested in training my dogs with replicas of real birds instead of using live birds

* 6. Do you subscribe to any hunting blogs, magazines, websites, etc.? If so, which ones?

* 7. Do your dogs react differently to a live retrieve versus a dead retrieve?

* 8. Has your dog ever hesitated to bring back a bird because it was still alive (crippled, shaking, or grazed)

* 9. When training the dog, did you find it useful to go from small to large, or did you just use one size fits all?

* 10. Thinking about previous purchases of products to train dogs, what were the important features to your purchasing decision.

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