* 1. When you hear the word aging what comes to mind?

* 2. Do you believe that the aging process and ill health are linked?

* 3. Do you think it is worth spending tax money or donation money on a place where the Elderly can find community, support, and transportation assistance?

* 4. Have you heard of the MARIELDERS and what we do?

* 5. Do you think a place like the MARIELDERS which provides a place for those 55 years and older,  to come connect with friends, and do activities is a benefit to the community?

* 6. Are you aware of our transportation service?

* 7. Would you be willing to make a donation to the MARIELDERS Center?

* 8. Would you be willing to donate through an online giving system?

* 9. Would you be willing to volunteer at our Center or for one of our events?