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Thanks for helping Hammersmith & Fulham Circle develop its new Helper+ service.

Hammersmith & Fulham Circle is a local community organisation for older people and we’re looking for opportunities to ask residents of all ages their thoughts on a new service we’re developing.

We provide practical help around the home with things like DIY, gardening and cleaning for its members, who are all over 50. Since we've started providing our service we've heard from people younger than 50 who would be interested in getting some practical help themselves. We've also heard from older people who would be interested in earning a bit of money helping others out.

So we're investigating the potential of a new service we are calling Helper+, a service in which anyone in the borough can get access to the skills and experience of one of our older helpers for any help they may need around the home or with family life.

To make sure that we design a service that would be really useful we want to hear from people who buy services to make their lives easier and better...

(This survey is part of our research into this new idea. There will be an opportunity to be involved in our more detailed research at the end of this survey.)