Your feedback is important to us.

As your local mental health, substance abuse and intellectual and developmentally disabled authority, we value your feedback.  Thank you for taking time to answer the questions below.

* 1. Please identify any/ all locations that you have visited or used.

* 2. I identify as a:

* 3. I feel comfortable sharing my past and current stressful experiences with at least one staff person in this program.

* 4. I am included in developing my treatment/recovery goals.

* 5. As a result of treatment received at Helen Farabee Centers, I am better able to deal with daily stressors.

* 6. The interior/exterior of the facility (e.g. walls, paint color, room layout, signs, furniture, and lighting) makes me feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

* 7. I am comfortable accessing Crisis Services.

* 8. I feel comfortable asking questions about my treatment and medications.

* 9. I feel encouraged and comfortable in expressing my honest opinions about the program including my dissatisfactions and disagreements.

* 10. I understand Peer Services and how they play an important role in the services offered to clients.

* 11. I would recommend Helen Farabee Centers to others struggling with mental health, substance abuse and/or intellectual and developmentally disabled.

* 12. Helen Farabee Centers has a positive connection with my community.