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1. 2021 Rural, Regional and Remote Graduate Survey Introduction

The CEP is seeking to better understand what features of rural teacher preparation programs, mentoring, professional development and induction are most effective and how the attributes of teachers and their pathways into teaching relate to teacher retention and teaching practice in rural areas. Your participation is vitally important and will help us better understand how to improve the work lives of teachers in these areas.

This survey will take about 25 minutes and is voluntary. The findings will be reported in summary form only. The information will be used to improve teacher preparation, induction and staff recruitment and retention. At no time will this information be used to evaluate any individual or school. NB: Information provided through this survey is confidential, with names of respondents and organisation not being mentioned in any collation of the information supplied.  The areas this survey touches on include:

•         Teacher preparation programs;
•         Induction and support;
•         Professional development opportunities and opportunities for increased responsibilities;
•         Expectations of a different curriculum and variety of teaching experience;
•         Feeling part of a community;
•         Future needs of participants.
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