* 1. Provide your Voluntary Remediation Project number. (eg. 00123)

* 2. Indicate the current status of the above noted site.

* 3. What is your connection with the above noted site?

* 4. Select which best describes the total size of the project land area?

* 5. Will or did the reuse of the property require a zoning change?

* 6. Will or did the redevelopment project require issuance of any permits or approvals by the following. Please check all that apply.

* 7. In order of importance to you, please select the determining factor(s) which lead you to enroll this site into VRP? (Please check all that apply in order of importance.)

  Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not Important Not Applicable to site
Enforcement Immunity
Protective Redevelopment Solution (Prevent exposure to future users)
State Oversight
Purchase/Sale Agreement

* 8. Select the best answer which describes the use of the project site when it was enrolled into the VRP program.

* 9. In order of importance to you, select what way(s) the actual or possible contamination at the property is/was a hindrance to development or redevelopment of the property?

  Very Important Important Less Important Not important at all
Presence of contamination altered site plan
Blight Reduction

* 10. Select the best answer which describes the project site use after completion of the VRP program.

* 11. If the project upon completion from the VRP will result in residential dwellings, indicate how many units.

* 12. Provide the number of jobs created, retained, or projected. (Include temporary e.g. construction)

* 13. If recreational and or greenspace was incorporated into your project, please select the best decription and indicate the size of greenspace in acres.

* 14. Provide the best estimate of the assessed value of the pre-developed site, current total value, and projected total value. (Assessed value by the city or county)

* 15. Indicate the total of estimated capital investment expended in the redevelopment project.

* 16. Select all the environment-friendly technologies and design plans used in the redevelopment project.

* 17. Indicate how the local government entity provided assistance or support to your redevelopment project.

* 18. Overall, how do you feel the VRP process and/or issuance of a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion did/can affect your project? (Check all that apply in order of importance)

  Very Important Important Less Important Not Important at all
Redevelopment would not have commenced without it
Redevelopment would have proceeded but financial issues were easier to manage/overcome
Redevelopment would have proceeded but legal/liability issues were easier to manage/overcome
The project/land became more marketable
Able to attract a business interest that otherwise would not have considered the site
No affect/Not worth the effort

* 19. In your own words please describe how the issuance of a VRP Certificate or completion of the VRP process facilitated acquisition or sale of the property or redevelopment of the property.

* 20. Are there any additional statements or concerns you would like to share about Virginia's VRP Program?

* 21. Please select a response based on your knowledge of VRP fees in Virginia.

  Yes No Maybe
Do you believe our current fee is a dis-incentive for entering VRP?
Would you object to an entry fee charge and an hourly rate charge for DEQ support?
Would your project support 1% of remediation cost without a $5,000 cap?