1. MANNA Partner Agency Monthly Survey - AUGUST 2013

Thank you for making the necessary adjustments in your own reports and intake of clients so that your agency is prepared to report client information each and every month. Remember -- these reports replace the semi-annual report. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ZEROS WHEN COMPLETING THE DATA FIELDS.

Section 1 is to be completed by all agencies, regardless of service type AND regardless of whether or not you've used MANNA food in the past month.

Sections 2-5 are pages for you to enter your monthly percentages and numbers. Question #3 below will guide you in which sections to complete for your agency. If you are a multi-service agency, you may have to complete more than one section. ** Note - all client data is to be broken down by county where your clients live. **

These monthly reports help MANNA FoodBank better communicate and understand the important views of people who have been involved in this work on a daily basis. This information will be used to guide our overall activity, our messages and outreach, and our planning in the coming years.

* Your agency's name

* Your MANNA Agency Number

* Please select the type of services your agency provides with the MANNA Food. Check all that apply.

* Your name and the best way to reach you.
(Include email, phone #, where available)

* Today's date

* Has DSS been referring more clients to you lately?

* Did your agency use or distribute any product from MANNA during the month of AUGUST 2013?