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Dear participant,


Thank you for taking part in our survey! As part of a project funded by the European Union, we would like to work with European partners to determine the extent to which AI is used in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and what training needs there are for AI in SMEs.

The term artificial intelligence (AI) describes systems that learn with the help of data and mathematical models, can make decisions independently if necessary and therefore exhibit "intelligent" behaviour. Artificial intelligence can be used as a tool to support people in work and decision-making processes and in solving specific problems.

If you take part in the following survey (duration approx. 10 minutes), you will make a significant contribution to the development of AI education and training concepts for SMEs. This is not about your level of knowledge about AI, but about your opinion regarding the need for training on AI applications in your company.

The questionnaire is structured in such a way that no conclusions can be drawn about individuals or companies. The data is anonymous and will be used exclusively for this study.