Monogram Biosciences values your opinion and routinely queries clients in surveys or by other means to help us better understand client needs. We would appreciate your responses on the questions below regarding HERmark®. Your participation and responses will be kept strictly confidential.

HERmark is a novel HER2 assay that precisely quantifies HER2 protein levels in breast cancer tumor specimens. HER2 testing has been shown to predict response to HER2-targeted therapies.1 Patients with higher tumor HER2 levels have been shown to have a longer progression-free survival upon treatment with trastuzumab compared with patients with lower HER2 levels.1 A HER2 result by HERmark has also been shown to be prognostic in the overall survival of such patients with breast cancer.1

* 1. What percentage of your practice is dedicated to treating patients with breast cancer?

* 2. How many breast cancer patients do you observe and treat in a typical month?

* 3. Which HER2 test(s) do you use most frequently to determine the HER2 status of your patients with breast cancer? (choose all that apply)

* 4. For clients with a local pathology lab: Does your lab routinely perform HER2 testing locally or send them out for testing?

  Test in-house routinely Test in-house semi-routinely Send out
For FISH (or CISH)

* 5. In the past 6 months, how often have you ordered a HERmark breast cancer test to quantitatively measure the HER2 protein level in your patients with breast cancer?

* 6. If you have not used HERmark yet, what is the reason?

* 7. Where would a quantitative HER2 result (an actual measurement of the overexpressed HER2 receptors in the tumor sample) be most helpful in your practice?

* 8. If a breast cancer patient was initially HER2-negative but was progressing rapidly on treatment, would you consider ordering additional HER2 testing?

* 9. New HER2-targeted therapies [pertuzumab and trastuzumab emtansine (T-DM1)] are now available to treat HER2-positive patients. Does the availability of these therapies affect your process for HER2 testing?

* 10. Would an assay that measures the membrane-bound truncated form of HER2 (p95) be informative for aiding in selection of a therapeutic regimen?

1. Lipton A, Köstler W, Leitzel K, et al. Quantitative HER2 protein levels predict outcome in fluorescence in situ hybridization-positive patients with metastatic breast cancer treated with trastuzumab. Cancer. 2010;116:(22): 5168–5178.