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Hepatitis C can affect people in a many ways, and treating hepatits C can result in a variety of changes for a person who has been living with it. Some of these effects of hepatitis C and the changes that come with treatment may be more important than others. It depends on each person’s point of view.

Listed below are issues and concerns that people with hepatitis C have reported. For people who have been successfully treated, these are changes that mattered to them. For others, who are still considering treatment, these are things they would wish to see change for them.

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Indicate how important you think these concerns are for people who have hepatitis C.

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Preventing damage to the liver (or cirrhosis) or keep damage (cirrhosis) from getting worse
Preventing liver cancer
Improving the health of one’s liver
Curing hepatitis C; getting rid of it
The side effects of the medications for hepatitis C
The risks of treatment making other diseases worse
The risks of hepatitis C causing other diseases or making other diseases worse
The pain caused by hepatitis C
The fatigue caused by hepatitis C
Feeling sad or blue because of hepatitis C
How often one needs to see a doctor
Feelings about one’s health in general
Negative attitudes of others about people with hepatitis C
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