This survey aims to help us understand how people use the journal Historic Environment, Policy and Practice. The journal is published by Maney in partnership with IfA. Currently all IfA members receive more than 50% off the journal if they opt to receive it. We are keen to develop our partnership in line with members interests and, at a time when Maney themselves are developing the journal, we felt it was a good time to ask what you thought about it.

To help us understand how members use the journal we have three sections - the first is about you, the second ask why you do (or don't) receive the journal and the final section asks how you would like to see the journal develop.

* 1. Are you a member of the IfA?

* 2. If Yes, which grade of membership?

* 3. Which of the below choices best describes where you work

* 4. Do you subscribe, or have access to, any other journals for work or personal interest?

* 5. Do you subscribe to Historic Environment, Policy and Practice?