Criteria and Benefits

The New Mexico Health Equity Partnership (NMHEP) is excited to invite community members and organizations to become network members that the meet the following criteria:

1.     Agreement with the NMHEP’s mission and vision.

Mission: The purpose of the NMHEP is to strengthen the capacity of NM communities to shift power relations through advocating for systems and policy change that will improve the conditions where children, families, and communities are healthy. This requires addressing structural and institutionalized inequities based on race, class, gender and geography.

Vision: Every New Mexican should have the opportunity to lead a healthy life, to live in neighborhoods where our children and families can thrive and to be able to have a say in the decisions that impact their communities and their lives. Health for us means quality education, a living wage, affordable housing, quality transportation, and healthy food to name a few. 

2. Commitment to partnership within and between organizations and community to advance health equity in New Mexico.  

·         Be part of a statewide network in New Mexico organizing and mobilizing to advance health equity.

·         Engage in the HEP’s peer learning community and make critical connections via gatherings and the online forum (i.e. policy strategy discussions and information about grant opportunities).

·         Receive priority points for the 2017 Action-Oriented Small Group Gathering application process.

·         Invitation to attend the 2018 Statewide Health Equity Gathering, including support for mileage and lodging if   traveling long distances – meals will be provided onsite at the gathering.

·         Receive discounts on certain hotels, etc.

·         Submit news, accomplishments, job announcements, events, to the HEP newsletter/website calendar.

·         Learn about the NMHEP’s peer learning opportunities, advocacy events, volunteer opportunities, etc. via our newsletter.

If you would like to sign up to be a NMHEP network member, please hit next to complete the brief questionnaire on the following page.