Thank you for your interest in Boston University School of Medicine's program, "Antiviral Therapies in the Management of Chronic Hepatitis C: The Present and the Future". To help gauge audience knowledge, we would appreciate if you could complete this short pre-test. (All responses will be kept confidential)

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* 5. Which Hepatitis C conference location do you plan to attend?

* 6. In treatment-naïve HCV patients initiated on boceprevir as part of a triple therapy regimen, which step do you take when early response is seen?

* 7. A 51-year-old male former IV drug user with genotype 1 HCV, and a viral load of 2.4 million IU/ml, is started on triple therapy of PegIFN/ribavirin and telaprevir. When the patient returns in three weeks, what would be his most likely complaint in terms of side effects of this regimen?

* 8. In terms of emerging combination therapy, daclatasvir in combination with which of the following, with or without ribavirin, showed sustained viral response at 24 weeks in genotype 1a/1b HCV?

* 9. How confident would you be treating the following patient?
• 45-year-old male
• Genotype 1 HCV; viral load of 1.2 million IU/ml
• Labs:
− AST: 103
− ALT: 135
− ALP: 102
− T. bili: 1.1
− INR: 1.0
− ALB: 3.6
− WBC: 7.3
− HCT: 40.1
− PLT: 98
• Ultrasound: Coarse echotexture, lobular contour, no masses noted.
• Spleen: 13 cm

* 10. A patient is on a triple therapy regimen of telaprevir + PegIFN/ribavirin. According to recommendations, you discontinue his telaprevir at 12 weeks. If the patient shows extended rapid viral response, how long would you continue him on PegIFN/ribavirin before discontinuing?

* 11. According to recommendations, which of the following HCV genotypes would most benefit from IFN and ribavirin treatment?

* 12. How confident are you at managing severe rash associated with telaprevir treatment?

* 13. A 35-year-old male with genotype 1 HCV is started on therapy. Boceprevir is added after 4 weeks. At eight weeks viral load is detectable. How long would you continue boceprevir treatment?

* 14. In a patient taking telaprevir who presents with a mild localized rash with pruritis, which step do you currently take?

* 15. How would you rate your knowledge of emerging therapies for HCV management?

* 16. In a patient who is taking sildenafil and needs to be started on telaprevir or boceprevir, how often do you discontinue sildenafil before initiating the HCV treatment?

* 17. While effective in many groups, triple therapy tends to be least effective in which group?

* 18. Please rate your level of agreement with the following statement:
In a patient on telaprevir triple therapy who presents with a severe rash with vesicles and bullae, I discontinue telaprevir treatment (may or may not continue PegIFN/ribavirin)?

* 19. Compared to PegIFN/ribavirin therapy alone, triple therapy of boceprevir + PegIFN/ribavirin would be more likely associated with which adverse reaction?

* 20. In which situation would you discontinue telaprevir treatment (may or may not continue treatment with PegIFN/ribavirin)?

Thank you for your participation!