The reporting mechanism is established to find out the main barriers, obstacles and challenges hindering the development on green technologies and alternative fuels in the Baltic Sea shipping. The results will be used to facilitate knowledge and information sharing among the public and private sectors, as well as decision making bodies, and to promote an early introduction of new technological solutions and alternative fuels.

The intention is to gather knowledge and information based on real-life cases i.e. on-going R&D, pilot and investment projects in the Baltic Sea region. HELCOM Green Team contact points, observers (e.g. port and shipping associations), the flagship projects of the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and relevant platforms (e.g. ZVT, Green Ship of the future, Saint-Petersburg Initiative) as well as other maritime research and investment projects are invited to report of their results, progress and obstacles related to green technologies and alternative fuels in the Baltic Sea.

Based on the responses received, the HELCOM Secretariat will compile the results annually for consideration by the HELCOM Green Team meetings. The Green Team will discuss and analyze the results and identify the main obstacles as well as the respective stakeholders to be able to take appropriate action. The outcome will be reported to the HELCOM Maritime Working Group with proposals for further action to be taken by HELCOM Maritime. Reporting will provide support for knowledge sharing between decision-making bodies, the industry and academia.

Please give your valuable information and share challenges you have faced in e.g. a project, investment, development, plan or any other specific case related to green technologies and/or alternative fuels in shipping.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the survey. Please note that all questions are compulsory so you will not be able to go to the next question until you have fulfilled the previous one. Thank you for your contribution.

The individual answers are handled anonymously.

Further information about the HELCOM GREEN TEAM can be found at HELCOM's website.
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