2016 D.R.E.M.E. STEM Academy and GE Leadership Institute

This student is applying for admittance to a Dr. Ronald E. McNair Educational Science Literacy Foundation (D.R.E.M.E.) STEM Academy and GE Leadership Institute. This experience is for 10th-12th grade students; July 11-15, 2016.

Your mentoring of this student, is valuable in evaluating if he/she is a good candidate for this program. Your candid estimate of academic performance, interest, personal qualities, and behavior is important to the selection committee. Please rate the applicant in comparison with other students who you have known at or near the same stage of their academic career.

Applications must be submitted by Friday, June 10, 2016.

Space is limited and qualified applications will be selected immediately.

Be sure to complete ALL of the information before you submit the recommendation, as it will not allow you to go back and edit after you have submitted it.

* 1. Professional Educator Information

* 2. How many years have you been a Professional Educator?

* 3. Most recent school name?

* 4. Most recent school district?

* 5. What was your last Professional Educational position?

* 6. About the Student Applicant

* 7. Is the student attending a Title I school?

* 8. How long have you known the student applicant?

* 9. Rate the students's group interaction

* 10. Rate student's general academic achievement?

* 11. Is the student motivated and eager to learn?

* 12. Rate the student's oral expression?

* 13. Rate the student's written expression?

* 14. Rate the students's ability to interact with peers?

* 15. Rate the students's ability to work independently?

* 16. Rate the students's maturity and behavior?

* 17. Rate the students's participation in class?

* 18. Briefly, explain why this student should be highly considered for the limited spaces for the 2016 D.R.E.M.E. STEM Academy and GE Leadership Institute?