The Paul Sherlock award honors those who have had an extraordinary impact on Ohio's travel economy. Those honored are significant contributors to the development and promotion of the $43 billion travel industry in Ohio. You may nominate ONE respected professional by submitting the following survey by the deadline of Thursday, Sept. 28. 

We have streamlined the process, allowing for nominations to roll over year-over-year as well. Please note that no support letters or supplementary documents are requested at this time. If your nominee is selected as a finalist, you will be contacted for additional information the week of Oct. 2.  

* 1. Name of Nominee, Title and Company

* 2. Nominator's Name

* 3. Nominator's Email, Address and Phone Number

* 4. Relationship to Nominee

Nominees are evaluated based on their ability to meet the following six points of eligibility. A committee formed of the current Ohio Travel Association president, awards and recognition committee chair, Paul Sherlock Alumni coordinator, and four past Sherlock winners will review responses and request additional information (including support letters) for the top candidates. Nominees will be retained for consideration the following year. Those nominating candidates will be contacted prior to the 2018 deadline to see if changes or additions need made. Thank you, and good luck!

Please carefully provide examples and commentary on your nominee's ability to meet the following criteria.

As we all know technology can sometimes thwart the best intentions, we recommend creating your responses in a saved Word document, then cutting and pasting into the appropriate comment boxes.

* 5. Regarded as an exceptional and inspirational role model and/or tourism champion in Ohio.

* 6. Outstanding contribution to creating innovation and growth of Ohio travel through development of new approaches, astute practices and creativity. 

* 7. Dedication to advancing travel and tourism in Ohio beyond that required by his or her professional position. 

* 8. Commitment to creating widespread support and understanding of the importance of the travel economy.

* 9. Proven leadership at local, regional, state or national levels.

* 10. History of distinguished service to Ohio's travel economy that spans no fewer than 10 years.