1. General Survey

How well do you know the city of Philadelphia?

* 1. Have you ever flown in a hot air balloon?

* 2. If you could, would you ever take a ride in a hot air balloon?

* 3. What would you bring with you if you could take a ride in a hot air balloon? Please explain your answer.

* 4. If you took a camera with you on a hot air balloon ride, what might you see from 34th and Girard Avenue in Philadelphia?

* 5. How might you use the pictures you shoot in a school project?

* 6. How would you get your pictures from your camera onto a computer?

* 7. Can you give a description of the intersection of 34th & Girard Avenue?

* 8. Have you ever been to 34th and Girard Avenue?

* 9. Would you spend $25.00 to ride in a hot air balloon?

* 10. Are there any hot air balloons in Philadelphia?
If so, where ?