We, Jocelyn Ahlers and Marie Thomas (researchers at California State University San Marcos), are conducting a research project whose focus is knitters and the knitting community. We are especially interested in the recent phenomenon of knitting pink "pussyhats" as part of the political movement that included the Women's March on the day after the inauguration. This brief survey, which asks questions about why people did or didn't knit pussyhats, is open to all knitters 18 and older, regardless of whether you knitted one or not. It should take between five and ten minutes to complete.

All information gathered in this survey is confidential; you will not be asked for your name or any other identifying data.  You may skip any questions you do not wish to answer and you may stop the survey at any point.

If you have any questions before or after participating in the survey, please feel free to contact one of us at:

Jocelyn Ahlers, Professor of Linguistics
Department of Liberal Studies
CSU San Marcos

Marie Thomas, Professor of Psychology (retired)
Department of Psychology
CSU San Marcos

If you are 18 or older and you agree to take the survey, please click to the next page.  Otherwise, please close this survey.