1. Application

This application is due on November 21st by 8:00PM.

The NYU LGBTQ Student Center is offering a great opportunity for students involved and interested in LGBTQ issues, education, and activism.

Every year, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force holds the Creating Change Conference, an exciting time to network with and learn from many other LGBTQ and Ally individuals. This conference is a great opportunity for student leaders to learn about the LGBTQ movement and bring the information and skills back to campus.

The LGBTQ Center has funds available to help a limited number of students attend the conference, taking place Wednesday, January 23 - Sunday, January 27, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you are selected, the LGBTQ Center will pay for your travel and lodging. Selected students are responsible for these expenses:

• Covering the cost of the conference registration (up to $345)*
• On the ground travel expenses (to and from airport)
• Meals while at the conference (there is a ton of free food at the conference)

*The Task Force has a limited number of scholarships that will reduce your registration fee to $35 and subsidized registration fees of $100 (DEADLINE Dec. 1st). Visit creatingchange.org for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact Christopher Griffin at crg325@nyu.edu


1) Students will be notified on NOVEMBER 23RD if they have been selected to receive funding from the NYU LGBTQ Center

2) Selected students must apply for the Eric Rofes Memorial Scholarship and/or Subsidized Registration before NOVEMBER 28TH (Deadline is Dec. 1st)

*After you have applied for a discounted registration fee you will be notified soon after by the Task Force if you have been selected. After you have been notified by the Task Force, you will then officially register for the conference.

* 1. First & Last Name

* 2. Preferred Name

* 3. Email Address

* 4. Net ID

* 5. N Number

* 6. Phone Number:

* 7. Is it okay to leave an LGBTQ-related message at this number?

* 8. Classification:

* 9. Year in school:

* 10. Gender Identity:

* 11. Race/Ethnicity:

* 12. Sexual Orientation: