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* 1. Please tell us how you enjoyed your latest visit to Salon Salon

* 2. Based on your experiences at Salon Salon, would you refer our company to a friend?

* 3. Has a Salon Salon staff member explained our Guest Rewards program to you?

* 4. Please rate the professionalism of our entire staff.

* 5. Did a staff member greet you within 15 seconds of your entrance the salon?

* 6. Did a staff member offer you Aveda comforting tea or another beverage during your visit?

* 7. Did a staff member offer either a stress relieving massage or a hand treatment to you during your last visit?

* 8. WOMEN: Did we offer to touch up your make up as you were leaving the salon?
MEN: Did we offer a hot towel to you during your shampoo?

* 9. How would you rate our front desk staff during your visit?

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Somewhat Agree Agree Strongly Agree

* 10. Please leave any additional comments or suggestions you may have.