1. Your Opinion Matters!

THANK YOU for participating in our Multicultural Symposium Series Survey. We are assessing the impact of diversity and racial equality in the workplace and your opinion matters! Your answers will be tabulated anonymously...so please be completely honest!

For more information about our November 2017 Conference, and our Multicultural Symposium Series, visit our website at www.mssconnect.com.

Thanks Again!
Carole Copeland Thomas, MBA, CDMP, CITM
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* 1. Reflecting on theĀ current political and economic climate of America:
Check all that apply:

* 2. What is your single biggest concern on your job or in the community in which you live?

* 3. Is Diversity really effective on your job? (Please be honest!! NO-ONE can determine your identity. This survey instrument is COMPLETELY anonymous.)

* 4. How does your organization demonstrate its commitment to diversity and multiculturalism?

* 5. Has your organization done any of the following (Check all that apply):

* 6. What is the MOST pressing issue related to diversity and multiculturalism on YOUR job?

* 7. What 1-2 diversity/multiculturalism suggestions would you send to your organization?

* 8. What website, magazine, book, article or expert would you recommend that really speaks to the value of diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion?

* 9. My ethnicity:

* 10. Have you ever been the victim of racial discrimination on your job?