Parent / Community Member Survey

EmpowerOne Academy is a first-of-its-kind full-time boys only small group education program for overactive, impulsive or highly social youth including but not limited to ADHD students grades 6 -12, who are either home schooled or wish to be home schooled instead of attending a full-time private or public school. The low student to teacher ratio leadership-based program utilizes various innovative learning styles and approaches to address the interests and needs of students gifted with hyperactivity, impulsivity or inattention. We believe that behavior modification is what separates EmpowerOne Excellence from other traditional learning environments.

The center’s programming implements a personalized curriculum for each grade leveraging ILIA’s best practice six cornerstone framework. Students do not study traditional one-size-fits-all subjects, but rather an integrated holistic personalized curriculum that is intriguing, applied, highly interactive and faith integrated in each lesson plan and subject. We utilize the core learning goals of the Maryland State Department of Education as a general guideline for determining student outcomes. Traditional subjects are integrated with faith based principles and applications and bundled into innovative subjects. Each grade level requires the successful completion of of a set of core classes and a number of elective classes. Students engage in academics, sports, arts, STEM, faith applications, outdoor activities, field studies and community projects, leveraging our resources and those of our partners in the various domains and specializations. Class sizes are limited to six students to allow students to receive the personalized coaching based attention. EmpowerOne Academy builds on the successes and philosophy of ILIA's EmpowerOne coaching, mentoring and counseling cornerstone

* 1. Are you the parent or guardian of a male youth who exhibits one or more of the following?

* 2. In which school grade is your son exhibiting the behaviors above CURRENTLY enrolled?

* 3. What type of school does your son CURRENTLY attend?

* 4. Has your youth been diagnosed with ADD / ADHD?

* 5. What is your objective in enrolling your son in a boys only school for overactive, impulsive or inattentive students?

* 6. Please indicate the level of importance for each of the following

  Can't Enroll Without Very Important Important Nice to Have Can Enroll if Absent
Math / Science / Tech
Language Arts / History / Humanties
Islamic Studies / Quran Memorization
Integrated Development & Leadership Program
Sports / Physical Ed
Transportation to / from School
Financial Aid
Philosophy of School / Integrated Experiential Approach

* 7. Please share current challenges you might have with your son

  All the Time Most of the Time Ocassionally Rarely Never
Very Low Academic Performance (mostly D ad E grades)
School Suspensions
Drug Use
Inappropriate Gender Relations
Defiance and Lack of Respect of Authority
Frustration, Depression, Anxiety, Restlessness
Preserving the Islamic Identity
Excessive Resource Waste
Potential Criminal Activity
Injuries / Fights / Bullying
Low Confidence / Self-Esteem / Self-Worth
Lost Opportunities / Procastination

* 8. Please rate the importance of the following aspirations

  Top Priority Very Important Important Nice to Have Not a Concern of Mine
Preserving Islamic Identity
Well Rounded Student and Critical Thinker
Ready for College / Vocational Traning and Career Oriented
Law Abiding and Solid Contributor to Society

* 9. If ILIA can fulfill your objectives and aspirations, and knowing that the fees for the an academic year is approx $18,000. What is the likelihood that you would enroll your son(s) in 2015/2016.

* 10. Would you be interested in being part of the steering committee and task force working on this project? If yes, please choose one of the areas below.