Faculty Honorarium Form

This form is to be considered an invoice for your honorarium payment. 
As your partner in co-development of an accredited symposium, the CAPMR must process all honoraria according to the accreditation guidelines set forth by the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada and the Canadian Medical Association. 

To enable this process, the CAPMR requests that you do the following:

a.      All honoraria recipients must complete the CAPMR Honorarium Form.

b.     The CAPMR also requires the CAPMR Honorarium Disbursement Form that lists all of the honoraria to be paid, with amounts (including applicable taxes). Taxes are based on the province in which the recipient resides.

c.      Completed Honorarium and Honorarium Disbursement forms must be submitted to the CAPMR no later than May 1.

d.     Upon receipt of the required forms, CAPMR will issue an invoice for the total amount. The deadline for payment of the honoraria is June 1.

•   Once this invoice is paid, the honoraria cheques will be processed and sent to the accredited symposium planners to provide to the recipients prior to conference.

e.     Honoraria are processed free of charge.