Please give us your input, to improve the resources we offer to these children & their families.

* 1. In your relationship with learning differences, you are a

  Yes No

* 2. What are the age(s) of your children with learning differences?

  Too young for PreK (No formal schooling yet) PreK & Kindergarten Elementary Jr. High, High School Transitioned out, no longer in High School
Child #1
Child #2
Child #3

* 3. Are these resources useful to you?

  Very useful.  Want more! I am interested, but something keeps getting in my way. Sometimes, when I can.  Maybe. Not really. Huh?  What are you talking about.....?
Workplace Readiness Community Workshops (starting in February) ( & partners) (No cost) (2-3 hours) (local library)
     "First Impressions" (focusing on social & communication skills)
     "Dress for Expectations" (to improve the message you want to deliver)
     "Sous Chef Skills" (for use at home, with friends and on the job)
     "30-Second Elevator Talk" (building poise, what to say to sell your skills)
     "Platform Building" (to showcase your growing professional skills)
     "Resume Review" (because people still use resumes)
Parenting & Caregiver Workshops (Spring semester at LSC-M, Academy of Lifelong Learning) and out in the community (  (LSC-M, Academy of Lifelong Learning (ALL) catalog, academic year, annual tuition $30) (10am to noon)
     "Childhood Learning Interventions, Learning Differences & Sensory Integration"
     "Behavior Interventions Based on Intrinsic Motivation"
     "Introduction to Sensory Integration & sensory Processing Disorder:  the Occupational Therapy Prospective"
     "Co-Parenting Can Be Easier Than You Think"
     "Social Media & Platform Building" (creating & using content)
     "Building a Positive ARD Experience" (co-presented with some of our ISDs)
     "Social Security Administration" and "Long-Term Financial Planning"
     "Healing, Nutrition, Immune Systems & the Science of Family Wellness"
     "Stronger Relationships & Better Communication"
     "Siblings in Special Needs Families & Intrinsically Motivating Children of All Learning Styles"
Brown Bag Lunch & Learns (monthly)  Share The Knowledge: Brown Bag Lunch & Learn  (no cost) (11:30am to 1pm)
     "Pill Swallowing"  (January)
     "Programs & Summer Camps" (February)
     "Nutrition" (March)
     "IEP Goals" (April)  (Individual Education Plan)
     "Insurance" (May)
     "Empowering Ourselves & Our Children by Word Choice & What We Do" (September)
     "Anxiety - Tips & Tricks" (October)
     "Parent Prospective on Financial Planning, Guardianship & Trusts" (November)
Siblings Support Meet-ups (  (no cost) (2pm to 4pm)
Parenting / Caregiver blog (free)  (
Parenting / Caregiver eBook series ($5.99)    (

* 4. What resources for your young people challenged by learning differences do you seek?

  Yes, absolutely!  Tell me more, please! I am always looking for more info. I have it covered already. Some of my friends need help.
     "To & from training"
     "To & from work"
Specific Job Training Skills (please describe in "Comments?" below)
Socializing & Collaboration Skills (in general)
Resume Review & Interviewing Skills
Platform Building Tools & Guidance (computer, technology & marketing)

* 5. Would you be willing to go to:

  Yes (we have my own transportation) No (too far for us) Maybe (would need help with transportation)
New Waverly
North Houston
The Woodlands

* 6. What are your frustrations?  What are you unable to find?

* 7. What can we help provide that makes it easier for you?

* 8. Specifically, what is your desired outcome for your child in adulthood?

* 9. What are we forgetting to ask?