Standards Australia AS1926.1 Pool Barrier Member Survey

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SPASA Australia is currently involved in the revision of AS1926.1 - 2012 Safety barriers for private swimming pools (AS1926.1). 

AS1926.1 is one of the most important Australian Standards relating to the Swimming Pool and Spa Industry. 
Your feedback is critical and urgent in ensuring SPASA Australia properly represents the views of the swimming pool and spa industry as well as other affected related industries. 
Proposed changes to AS1926.1 will ultimately be assessed in a Cost / Benefit Analysis. In order for the swimming pool and spa industry to properly prepare its response, it is vital that we collect data reflecting any imposts or benefits the proposed changes may bring.

Individual responses to the survey will be kept completely confidential and not shared with any party.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please nominate under each question whether the proposed change will have a negative or positive annual financial impact to your business.

12 April 2017 

REMEMBER: By participating in this survey you are helping shape the future of the swimming pool and spa industry.

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