1. CTL Introduction to Endnotes Workshop Evaluation

* 1. How did you hear about this CTL workshop?

* 2. Overall, my level of satisfaction with the workshop is:

* 3. The overall subject matter was well-covered and well-presented.

* 4. The amount of material presented was:

* 5. The pace of the workshop, or speed at which the material was covered was

* 6. The quality of the instruction was high.

* 7. The workshop was well-coordinated and organized.

* 8. I feel capable of incorporating what I learned in this workshop into my work.

* 9. The workshop environment was collegial.

* 10. I would recommend future Center for Teaching and Learning workshops and training programs to my colleagues.

* 11. What I liked most about the workshop was:

* 12. I think the workshop could be improved by...

* 13. What other workshops or instructional topics would you like to see offered at the CTL?

* 14. Please add any other comments or suggestions.
Thank you for taking the survey!