#eatmoremelon 76th Annual Hampton County Watermelon Festival

Your group or organization is cordially invited to participate in the 76th Annual Watermelon Festival’s parade on Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 10 a.m.
Please complete the application and return via email to hcwfparadeapplication@gmail.com or mail to Steve Kemmerlin at 223 Highland St., Varnville, SC  29944 or drop off at Jimmie Polk’s Muffler located on Elm St. This current application format will be the only format accepted.

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* 1. Group/Organization: _________________________________________________________

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* 2. Contact Person: __________________________________________________________________

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* 3. Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________ 
City/State/Zip: ________________________________________________________________________
Phone #: ____________________________     Cell #: _______________________________________
Best Call Time: _______________     Email: _____________________________________________

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* 5. Invited Dignitary: ________________________________________
Marching Unit : ___________________________________________       
Shrine Unit:________________________________________________
Other (describe): ___________________________________

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* 6. Parade Guidelines: 1) Entries are expected to incorporate the current festival’s theme 2) Entries will restrain from displaying/playing offensive material/language. Failure to comply may result in subject being removed from the parade. NO EXCESSIVELY LOUD MU-SIC. Thank you for your cooperation. 3) All entries in the parade MUST BE PROPERLY IDENTIFIED. Please make signs of adequate size for announcers. 4) NO THROWING (EX; CANDY, PARAPHARNELIA, ETC.), NO EXCEPTIONS! 5) Violations of any rules will result in being banned from any future HCWF parades.

By typing your name and the date, you are committing your group or organization to participate in the parade and we will be anticipating your attendance. If for any reason you are unable to participate after submission of this application, please notify organizers as soon as possible at the number below.

Representative’s Signature: ___________________________________________________

Date: _____________________

Thank you for your participation and honoring the history of the Hampton County Watermelon Festival!

 Email completed application to hcwfparadeapplication@gmail.com or contact Steve Kimmerlin @ 803-842-4515 or drop-off at Polk’s Muffler and Brake.