School House Committee Update

About a month after this year's Town Meeting, the Wolcott Selectboard
appointed a five member committee (Chad Roy, chair, Brenda Gravel, Don Lowell,
Bruce Wheeler, and Bill Cotten) to review and recommend what to do about the
Old School next to the Town Office on School Street. The school has not been
used in over 13 years and needs some significant work to be made usable again.  

The Committee has been meeting every other Thursday evening at 6PM at the
Town Office. We have had an architectural assessment of the building done (Got
a State matching grant to pay for it!) plus have had a meeting and ongoing
contact with appropriate Vermont resources in charge of grants for historic
buildings. The Old School was built in 1855 and is on The Vermont State Historic Registry.

As we contemplate our recommendation(s), we would like input – ideas detailing
how The Old School could be used as an asset to the town. Planned use will have
a direct influence on the availability of any future grants to help defray local

The committee strongly feels that just letting The Old School sit and deteriorate
before our eyes is not an option. It should either be restored or torn down.
Hence, we solicit your help. Please contact any committee member with ideas or
attend a future meeting! Meetings will be posted on Wolcott Front Page Forum
and at the Town Office.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions in this brief survey. With your help we can come together as a community to preserve a valuable asset to the town of Wolcott. 

Question Title

* 1. Did you or any family members attend the historic school in Wolcott?

Question Title

* 2. Should the town of Wolcott move forward with a plan to preserve the historic school house?

Question Title

* 3. If restored, what would be a good use for the old school house? There have been many fantastic ideas.

Question Title

* 4. Would you or any family members be interested in volunteering any time towards the school restoration project?

Question Title

* 5. You may include your contact information (email or phone) if you would like to join our volunteer list or have additional questions.