BASW is keen to find out about the experiences of Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSWs). We have had a lot of contact with individual members at events, with those who have mentors and those who have contacted members of staff directly about the continuing challenges facing NQSWs.

Challenges we would like to find out more about include finding suitable employment, accessing the Assessed and Supported Year of Employment (ASYE) and the level of support available for NQSWs. We would also like to hear your experiences of the 'Employer Standards' and whether the appointment of 'Principal Social Workers' is making a difference?

We ran a similar survey in March 2013 so would like to be able to make comparisons between the situation then and now.

BASW is represented at a number of forums where the above issues are discussed and it would be helpful to have concrete evidence of what is happening so we can support you on the issues that matter.

Your responses will be anonymous, but if you want to make a comment that comes to the England Team directly please email

We thank you very much for your time in completing this short questionnaire.